Friendship has a home...

There is a place in Shelton where everybody really does know your name. They also know how you like your coffee, and quite possibly remember when your anniversary is. Lynch Creek Floral is a unique haven that offers the most exquisite floral offerings, the most timely and unique gifts possible, and the most scrumpsious and comforting cups of coffee around.

Located in the heart of historic downtown Shelton, Lynch Creek Floral is the centerpiece of the downtown businesses. It’s the place everyone shops and everyone meets up. Lynch Creek also weaves it’s way into our everyday lives by playing a big part in the births of our babies, to our graduations, weddings, and beyond. Nothing says love like flowers do and no one does flowers like Lynch Creek Floral does.

Lynch Creek Floral’s work has been featured in bridal magazines and it’s florists have been honored to decorate the Govenor’s Mansion. Sometimes it’s hard to believe they are local to Shelton, but the good news is they are. Lynch Creek brings the magic home for all of us.